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No Hands Massage – Mel Cyrille



July 10, 2016 Me, Uncategorized By mel No Comments

No Hands Massage

Today I had my monthly massage, which is part of my self-care routine. I’ve actually not had one the past 2 months because of issues with my availability, so I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time!  I visit Melanie for No Hands massage, which has been absolutely incredible for my body. She has a beautiful space in her home dedicated to treating people, and the atmosphere and smells are all part of the experience for me.

Most of the massage is performed with her arms, and a very good amount of pressure can be achieved with using her body weight through them. I like deep pressure, and always get what I need! Before each session, Melanie asks me questions to get an idea of what I’m wanting from the treatment this month, and what sort of pressure and speed I’m looking for. Her questions are both great for getting me to really think about what I actually want or need each time, and for giving her a good idea of what end result to achieve.

From the first time I had a massage with Melanie (a hot stone treatment – my favourite!) I was aware very quickly that she was both an expert and gifted at what she does. As she works on me I get a sense that through touch she is diagnosing what my body needs and responds with the strokes/techniques needed. Sure, you’d expect this from any therapist, but she gets it spot on every time. It all feels very instinctual and just flows naturally. The No Hands experience is obviously very different to traditional massage techniques, but I enjoy it and I find it better for my body than most of the other types of massage I’ve had. The only exception has been hot stone massage with No Hands elements added to it.

The smooth gliding of arms gives a gentler – yet no less effective – massage is terms of it being given from a larger surface area. Any pinpointed pressure is easily achieved with elbows. The best way I can describe it really, is being more like a warm, loving hug. All-encompassing and nurturing.

It’s easy in some ways and hard in others to describe how transformational the treatment is. I enjoy the quiet time to myself, having my body nurtured by a loving person, and feeling aches, pains and tension release and fade away. When I stand up afterwards, the first thing I notice is how balanced, grounded and aligned I am. Then I realise that my body feels normal. No tightness, aches or pains, and things I hadn’t even noticed were wrong before feel corrected. The mental clarity and general sense of wellbeing is something you just have to experience to understand! It’s more than just a massage. I raved on about it to my husband earlier this year and it wasn’t until I bought him one as a gift that he got what I was on about!

After my first experience, I decided to sign up to a year of them (one per month) as I realised that this was something I actually needed for my health. Before, I classed massages as a luxury, something to treat myself to once in a blue moon. The impact these treatments have on my body and mind have moved my thinking from luxury to necessity. While she is worth every penny (and more!) that she charges, the deal she does on a year of massages has made it easier to afford, and going for this was one of my earlier breakthroughs in letting go of guilt for spending money on myself. I’m not one to feel guilty about having time out and doing things for myself though – it’s essential for me to refuel so that my family is able to have the best of me.

I really needed today’s massage, especially after all that time, and I’m surprised it “fixed” me to the extent it did, seeing as I’ve missed a couple of regular sessions. My body loves being loved! If you’re anywhere near Claydon/Ipswich, or are prepared to travel from further out, I cannot recommend Melanie highly enough. She also offers several other services including doula’ing, placenta encapsulation and hypnobirthing! Here are her details, if you want to find out more or get in touch:

Vital No Hands®

Note: I will not receive any benefit, financially or otherwise, from sharing this with you – I just believe that good service should be rewarded with good reviews!

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