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No, my arms aren’t too tired….. – Mel Cyrille



August 1, 2016 Babywearing By mel No Comments

No, my arms aren’t too tired…..

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you’re basically stranded in the rain at a park just over a mile from your home with no extra clothes, no bus route and no sling. Yup, this happened to me the other day! What did I do? I picked the lesser of two evils and walked home. I kept Isaac warm by sticking him under my top before we set off, and he was more than happy to snuggle in. In fact, he fell asleep halfway home!

On our walk home, my love of carrying in-arms increased more than usual. For longer journeys (like this one) I tend to use a sling – sometimes for fear of him ending up feeling too heavy in arms at some point in the journey and other times for convenience, freeing up my hands. Carrying him home for that extended period of time got me paying attention to the little things that start to shift my body out of alignment. When I’m using a sling I don’t notice those subtleties as the shifts happen quicker. I also made note of the different things I naturally ended up doing further in the journey to continue effortlessly supporting his weight, like slightly changing his position or changing how I held him.

It’s also interesting to see how carrying changes when they’re asleep. This is where a sling really comes in handy in terms of supporting their weight without having to bear all of it with one arm, especially if you’re doing more than just walking (e.g. bending over, moving about lots).

I suffer with lower back weakness so pain is triggered fairly easily here if I’m not carrying him correctly (in-arms or in a sling). Being forced to pay attention to how carrying affects my body is always at the forefront of my mind, which is quite handy when breaking down the mechanics of babywearing is a passion! Understanding at least the basics of carrying in-arms helps you and your slingee’s comfort levels during your babywearing journey.

One of the things I love about in-arms carrying is that I find my children spontaneously engage with me more when they’re not in the sling. I love slings for stillness, that special comfort they bring, and how they’re that awesome tool in your parenting toolkit when nothing else is working, as well as how handy they are for things like keeping hands free or climbing up high ground to waterfalls (yes, that happened!). Both arms and slings are fantastic for different things, and I’m glad we have both. So if you see me carrying Isaac without a sling, don’t worry, my arms aren’t too tired – I’m enjoying another sort of carrying cuddle!

To learn more about in-arms carrying and more, get in touch via the contact options at the top of the page, or on Facebook, to book a Born to Carry Peer Supporter course in your area.

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